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Direct collection or debit orders are a fast, efficient and an accurate method of payment collection that assists companies with their business planning.  Many organisations use debit order collections, including public services, financial institutions, retailers, local and national societies and associations with sizeable affiliations.  Debit orders can be used to collect loan and hire purchase repayments, accounts, rent leasing payments, subscriptions and professional fees.

Retriever is a direct collection and payment solutions provider making it simple for SMME’s to collect payments for services rendered.  We will take care of all your collection and reporting requirements, leaving you to focus more of your time and attention on growing your business.

At Retriever, we maximise your recovery efforts, while reducing your costs at the same time. Whatever payments you wish to collect, Retriever can help you set up and run debit orders as well as provide you with ongoing support and guidance in line with your requirements.

Retriever is proud to be at the forefront of innovation as far as new technology developments in the payment systems markets are concerned, and as a Third Party Payment Systems provider approved by the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA), our products and services have been designed and developed by entrepreneurs who understand: –

  • Financial banking systems.
  • Verification, safety and security integration across different businesses.
  • Many business concepts and sectors.
  • The need for easy to understand process and trust worthy reporting.

With Retriever, you can be sure that there are no grey areas when it comes to collecting what belongs to you.


  • Less administration: eliminate overheads and reduce reporting processes.
  • Flexibility: adjust payment amounts, dates and frequencies subject your account holders consent, providing your clients with the most convenient and simple way to process payments.
  • Provide you with a safe online solution for all your collections.


  • Quick and easy: organising a debit order is simple for clients with our quick and accurate set-up process.
  • Convenient and flexible: clients will benefit from the convenience of our system. Accounts are paid on time, every time, so there are never any missed payments for you to worry about.
  • Accurate & secure: our direct debit system assists clients against any incorrect payments or collections.


Directing Payments From One Account To Another

Simply and efficiently, collect payments agreed between you and the debtor. These payments can be collected from accounts held at branches of all clearing banks situated within South Africa.

Tailored Payment Instructions

Arrangements can be made to collect payments at certain intervals.  The amounts can be fixed for a specific period, as in collecting subscriptions, or varied from payment to payment, where the collection is required for commercial billing.

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Retriever, a direct collection and payment solutions provider to allow SMME’s to collect financial settlement for services, enabling them to focus on the growth of their business while retriever take care of their collections and reporting.


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Payments Association of South Africa – registered Systems Operator and Third Party Payment Provider (Sponsored by First National Bank)
Systems Operator Member of Early Debit Order Payment System Stakeholder Forum
Member of the Commercial Independent Bureaux Association
We are an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP45826)



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