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Application to our online system allows clients to request debit orders online. Integration with existing systems is made possible via our systems and web services.  Plug your business directly into our debit order collections and reconciliation system.


We supply an Account Verification Service (AVS), whereby the banking details of clients is verified against a valid ID or company registration number.  Debit order authorisation is accepted in the form of voice, paper or electronic mandates.


Our debit order collection system provides fully customised invoices and statements, and will automatically batch clients for specific debit order runs, as well as process reconciliation results.


We offer numerous debit order facilities for processing.  These include EFT debits, credit payments, and Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) debit facilities for small to large organisations.


Detailed reporting is available for all transactions processed, including successful, unsuccessful and disputed transactions.  Our reporting system also includes repayment schedules and a banking report showing the amounts collected for each batch and pay-out date.

Retriever will guide you through the process!