Debit/Credit (EFT Payments) Orders: 

The two-day dated service is the cheapest way to have your debit/credit orders processed.  With Cypher’s system, you are in control.  You can submit the data as frequently as your business dictates.  As the service name implies, there is a two-day lead time before the first transactions are actioned.


  • Reconciliation: payments and collections are received with sufficient identifying information. The principle of “exception” applies and only transactions that are returned as “comeback” or “unpaid”, need attention.  An automated reconciliation.
  • Paper reduction: the entries are processed electronically and paper instructions are eliminated, providing faster processing.
  • Cash flow: with the transactions processed electronically, 90% of the value (debits) is available on transaction date. As for credits, this is managed by yourselves thus making for efficient management of your money.
  • Guarantees: there is no need for guarantees to be placed with us for your debit order collections. We manage this by paying out 90% of your debit order batch value on the day of action, and the balance to you 15 working days later. This is to cover any unpaid transactions.



NAEDO (Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order System), provides the user with a better ability to collect monies from their clients by giving these debits a preferential processing over and above the rest of your client’s debits.  Thereby providing an improved chance to collect monies.  This service also offers a tracking facility, whereby the user can request that if a particular payment request is unsuccessful at the first attempt, the system will invoke tracking for up to 32 days.  As soon as sufficient funds are available, the payment request will be processed, and a successful transaction notification will be sent to the user.